This case study talks about how SHEfinds used Boomtrain to deliver a massive number of emails in a personalized manner, regularly.

About SHEfinds

SHEfinds is a premier destination for latest fashion news and trends, beauty exclusives and the best sales and deals.

SHEfinds encourages women to treat themselves. The curated list of fashion trends, beauty tips, daily deals and life hacks makes it the go-to destination for modern women of all life-stages. 

Here is a screenshot from SHEfinds’ homepage:

SHEfinds homepage

The Challenge

SHEfinds has a massive email subscriber base of over a million readers. Naturally, email becomes a major channel for SHEfinds to communicate with its audience. It’s also critical for them to stay personal and relevant with their audience and cater to the unique tastes and preferences of every woman.

SHEfinds required an email solution that could provide reliable delivery of millions of emails, and could also personalize the email content per individual reader’s behavior and interest. 

The Solution

SHEfinds chose Boomtrain as its new email partner.

Boomtrain helped SHEfinds deliver personalized emails to its subscribers. Boomtrain also offered reliable delivery of emails to a large number of contacts.

Here is an example of SHEfinds’ personalized emails:



Using Boomtrain, SHEfinds was able to send a staggering 79 million emails in a span of around 3 months. Out of all these emails, a whopping 30 million were personalized.

SHEfinds also managed to improve its email open rate to over 20 percent.

SHEfinds got high email open rates with Boomtrain's AI based personalization engine

Experience Using Boomtrain

Coming from another major ESP, SHEfinds found that in order to get the level of attention needed for best practices, training and support they would have to pay an additional amount. With Boomtrain, they found the partner they were looking for.

In the words of Jeanine Edwards, VP of Content and Product at SHEfinds,

It’s a true partnership, and it has been a game changer to work with Boomtrain. The level of customer service and personalized attention has been amazing.

She adds “With Boomtrain, the support team is always ready to jump on a call or share video tutorials to help answer questions. Learning the logic of how to build a filter, or a template with personalization elements that worked for their subscribers was helpful.

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