Click-to-open rate (CTOR) is one of the most important email marketing metrics — and one of the most overlooked, too. A quick review of the top-line email marketing metrics:

  • OR = total email opens / total email sends
  • CTR = total email clicks / total emails sent
  • CTOR = total email clicks / total email opens

While open rate (OR) and click-through rate (CTR) get most of the attention, CTOR tells you about the quality of your email content, e.g. your copy, content, and design.

If your CTOR is below 13%, it’s time to start running some A/B tests.

Since it’s spring cleaning season — and since less is more — we’ve created an infographic with A/B tests to boost CTOR through simplicity. Simple emails face fewer deliverability issues, translate well on different devices, and increase the likelihood of engagement from busy subscribers. Test these tactics out, and see if they work for your particular brand.

Without further ado…




Want to go beyond incremental boosts? See how GameSpot managed to boost CTOR 280%.

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