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Triggered Campaigns for Publishers

Everyone knows that behaviorally triggered emails can drive massive revenue for online publishers, but knowing what to send and when to send it can be tough for even the most seasoned marketers. Here is our guide to creating the best (and highest ROI) triggered campaigns.


Start your email relationship on the right track

  • Welcome Series – The metaphorical first date of email campaigns – welcome your subscribers, orient them to your brand, and drive them toward the actions that drive value for you.
  • Newsletter Cross-Promotion – Have a few different newsletters? Don’t expect your subscribers to sign up for them all at once! When your single-list subscribers browse another topic on your site, trigger an email invitation to join the corresponding newsletter.


Drive your email performance to new heights by refocusing your subscribers’ onsite behaviors

  • Feature Adoption – When your new subscribers haven’t quite found those highest value, stickiest parts of your site, follow up with an email series containing specific calls to action.
  • Rewards for high-value actions -When your subscribers do start to engage, show them extra love by offering something in return — especially for the highest-value actions on your site. Performing the desired action could unlock a relevant fun fact, or even premium content. If you want to encourage an active comment section, you could give each commenter points for participating or being up-voted.


Don’t let the great experience end after a single click – keep the love flowing and turn one engaged subscriber into 10 more

  • Social Share Encouragement – Encourage your subscribers to become brand advocates by rewarding them for their social efforts. We recommend an immediate follow up, with bonus points for an email the following week with some recommended content to share.
  • Anniversary Thank You – Everyone loves a Birthday Email, but what if you don’t want to burden your subscribers by asking for their birthday? You can still show them you care by sending them a special note on their “opt-in-iversary.” Earn bonus points by including the number of articles they’ve read since you met.


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