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Triggered Campaigns for Retailers

Everyone knows that triggered emails can drive massive revenue for online retailers, but knowing what to send and when to send it can be tough for even the most seasoned marketers.  Here is our guide to creating the best (and highest ROI) possible triggered campaigns.

Window Shoppers

Let your customers know that you’re there to help.

  • Browse Abandon – When a user comes to your site and leaves without even putting anything in their cart, send a follow up mail (or series!) to see if you can entice them to come back.
  • Search Abandon – Generally used by retailers when a browse abandon message would be a bit too aggressive, instead wait for your customers to search for an item on your site.  If they still don’t put any items in their cart, it may be time to reach out.


When your customers show interest in a specific item, a gentle nudge may be all they need.

  • Favorite/Wish List Abandon – When your customers have added an item to their favorites, but haven’t come back to purchase, putting those items in front of them one more time may be all it takes to earn the sale.
  • Abandoned Cart – When your customers leave unpurchased items in their cart, a prompt email reminder can have a huge impact on your bottom line AND make your customers feel taken care of.

Buyers & Advocates

Don’t let the great experience end on conversion – keep the love flowing and turn one great customer into 10 more.

  • Social Share – Encourage your customers to become brand advocates by rewarding them for their social efforts.
  • Post Purchase/Review Reminder – Whether you want to drive an increase in review rates, or just spread some love, sending a follow up note a few weeks after a customer makes a purchase is an easy way to boost the feel of your customer journey.


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