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Triggered vs Broadcast

To understand the difference between triggered & broadcast messages, you need to understand that the way you interact with your customers plays a significant part in defining their experience, and in retaining them. Boomtrain gives you the ability to communicate with your customers and gives you complete control and analysis into your customers’ behaviors & activities in real time, which allow you to progressively send more relevant communication. Different stages of your marketing lifecycle merit different messages for ensuring different reactions out of your Users.On Boomtrain, you have the option of sending Triggered or Broadcast messages. Triggered messages are also known as automated messages which are sent based on User behavior or activities. Triggered messages can be used to send highly relevant messages based on your customer’s activities or behavior, while broadcast messages are best reserved for sending newsletters and one off communication like informing customers of bulk discount days (Weekend deals, Sales etc.), changes to your business policies, inviting customers to take surveys, etc.Here are some sample customer activities or behavior for which you can send a triggered or broadcast message:Triggered-and-Broadcast-Messages

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