The folks at Wizeline, the product roadmapping software company, have a chat with Chris Monberg, Boomtrain’s co-founder and CTO. Among the topics covered: machine learning, Benjamin Franklin, and what makes for a great product manager.


Christian Monberg is co-founder and CTO at Boomtrain, a personalization platform that uses AI and machine learning to help brands deliver experiences that consumers love to receive.


We talked to Chris about his dual background in design and engineering, the problems he’s solving at boomtrain, and why he thinks you should fill your office with Ben Franklins. (And we don’t mean $100 bills…)


Hi, Christian. Tell us about boomtrain and the problems you’re solving for your customers.


Christian: Our primary customers are marketers and — for the last twenty years or so — marketers have used mostly the same tools. Especially when it comes to email. They set up one campaign, maybe two or three, and they’ll send out an email to each cohort and hope it works.


In our early days, we found that if we were able to listen to signals from the user and figure out what their interests were, then we could send them content they actually want to receive.

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