Yellowhammer News is a 24-hour news organization focusing on local news in Alabama. The website receives close to 1.6M views  and is the online portal Alabamians look to for news on politics, sport, faith, culture and more. They even have an online TV channel that offers users video content revolving around the goings on in the southern state.


Getting Personal at Scale

The team at Yellowhammer was initially sending the same content to all of their 100K subscribers in a daily newsletter. Creating this newsletter and piecing together related content was a 30 minute task for the head editor. The team wanted a more efficient, personal way to send the Yellowhammer daily newsletter and to include recommended content in it. The newsletter along with their social efforts were driving close to 1.6M views to their website.

The Boomtrain Effect

After switching from Mailchimp, the team at Yellowhammer found Boomtrain incredibly easy to use. Video tutorials helped them get started, were easy to follow, and the benefits of switching are becoming more apparent every day. The 100K+ subscribers now receive personalised newsletters based on their prior engagement levels and interests.

Walker Miller, a designer at Yellowhammer who also spearheads the Boomtrain partnership, looks forward to creating even more content to personalize their communication even further.

Visit our product page to learn more about Boomtrain.

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